Figure Out This Year's Calendar

(Traditional Roman Calendar, 1962)

To figure out the Church calendar for a given year, or the observance on a particular date, combine the Proper of Saints and the Proper of Seasons. If two observances fall on the same day, use the rules of precedence on the Ranking of Liturgical Days page. You will also need to mark the following:

  1.  Easter - Begins the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after March 21 (if March 21 is a Sunday, Easter is on the following Sunday). The Octave of Easter runs from Easter Sunday to the following Sunday inclusive.

  2. Pentecost Sunday is the 50th day after Easter Sunday (counting Easter Sunday as the first day). The Octave of Pentecost runs from Pentecost Sunday to the following Sunday inclusive.

  3. Time After Pentecost - Eight Sundays after Easter, not counting Easter, is the First Sunday After Pentecost.

  4. Septuagesima Sunday - Nine Sundays before Easter, not counting Easter. It is followed by Sexagesima Sunday and Quinquagesima Sunday.

  5. Ash Wednesday - the Wednesday after Quinquagesima Sunday.

  6. First Sunday of Lent - the Sunday after Ash Wednesday.

  7. First Sunday of Advent - Sunday closest to 30 Nov.

  8. The Octave of Christmas runs from 25 Dec. to 1 Jan. inclusive. (The overlapping "Twelve Days" of Christmas run from 25 Dec. to 6 Jan. inclusive.)

  9. Second Sunday After Epiphany - the first Sunday after 14 Jan.
Note that there will be local variations (e.g. the patron saint of a place or institute) and on ferial days, a priest may elect to celebrate a Votive Mass (subject matter of his choice).


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