Liturgical Seasons and Periods

According to the Roman Calendar in 1962

The Church Calendar is divided into sets of days, each set devoted to a period in Christ's life. In this way we trace the life of Christ in a year. The liturgical periods are generally the same across calendars, with some minor variations. A major period is called a season and has its own color. More liturgical colors, not shown here, are used on special occasions (e.g. red for a martyr's feast day, black for a Requiem Mass, gold instead of white as an option for an important feast, etc.).

Advent (Season) Preparation for Christ's coming. Repentance.

1st Sun. of Advent (date varies) until Vespers or Christmas Vigil in the evening of 24 Dec. / early morning of 25 Dec.

Christmastide (Season) Christ's birth. Joy.

Vespers or Christmas Vigil on 24-25 Dec. through 13 Jan. (Octave of the Epiphany)


Time After Epiphany (Season) Christ's preaching & public ministry.

14 Jan. through vigil of Septuagesima Sunday (3 Sundays before Ash Weds.)


Septuagesima (Season) Fallen man's need for grace. Repentance.

Septuagesima Sunday through Shrove Tues. (day before Ash Weds.). Includes Septuagesima Sunday, Sexagesima Sunday, and Quinquagesima Sunday (approximately 70, 60, 50 days until Easter).


Lent / Quadragesima (Season) Christ's temptation in the wilderness; the events leading up to his death. Repentance and conversion.

Ash Weds. through Holy Thursday (the last Thurs. before Easter)

Passiontide (part of Lent)
Christ's redemptive sufferings.

Last two weeks of Lent plus Good Friday and Holy Saturday (which are technically part of the Triduum and outside Lent). Includes Holy Week (below).

Holy Week (overlaps with Lent and the Triduum)
Christ's institution of the Christian priesthood and of the Mass; his betrayal and trial; his sufferings, death, and burial.

Palm Sunday until the evening of Holy Saturday.

Sacred Triduum (overlaps with Lent and Eastertide)
Christ's crucifixion, burial, and resurrection.

The evening Mass of Holy Thursday until the evening Mass of Easter Sunday. The "three" associated with the Triduum are Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday (not Holy Thurs., Good Fri., and Holy Sat. as is sometimes mistakenly thought).

Eastertide / Paschaltide (Season)
Christ's resurrection and ascension; the descent of the Holy Ghost.

Easter Vigil through the day before Trinity Sunday. Includes the feast of Pentecost.


Time After Pentecost (Season) Life of the Church; Last Things; the Final Judgment at the End of time.

Trinity Sunday through the day before the First Sun. of Advent


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